Dates: May 1 - May 5

​Register here:

Contact: Sasha Walsh - 215.990.3982 (USA #)

Farm address:

3322 Hanover Circle Loxahatchee, FL, located in the community of White Fences

​Closest airports:

Palm Beach International  (PBI) 36 min. / 22.1 miles (FLL) - 1hr 14min 

Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood Int. (FLL) - 1hr 14min 

Miami International Int. (MIA) - 1hr 29min 

Ideas to stay:

The two closest options for hotels/ B&B to our farm is the following:

(28 min / 15 miles - from farm) - easy drive, close to Palm Beach Int. airport

2. A cute, nice B&B - great reviews -
(18 min / 8.9 miles from farm) 

These are the two BEST options, unless participants or owners want to stay on the beach! ;) Which is about a 30-40 min drive... 

Here are some names of beaches you may be interested in: Riviera Beach, Juno Beach, DelRay Beach, Boca Raton - Just a few fun ideas

Also - always good to check

Planned Schedule:

Day 1-4: 8am - 12:30/1pm: Classroom time, 1pm - 4:30pm arena time

Note: Will work with clients 1:30 - 3:30pm on Day 1, Day 2 & Day 4 

​Clients are participants for us to facilitate during the course. 

Day 3 & Day 5: Classroom time only 8am - 12:30/1pm 

For additional information about EAL: 

Pls. follow this link:

Equine Assisted Learning 

May 1 -5, 2017 Course

Become a Certified Facilitator! 

How to Register, Airports, Where to Stay, Places to visit in Florida,

& all that fun stuff for your trip! 

     Welcome to Dark Horse Stables 


We are hosting an AMAZING course for anyone interested in getting certification to become an EAL facilitator! 
Opportunity of a lifetime & a career! 

Here's how it worksA Global Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) company is putting on an outstanding course May 1st -5th, 2017 that Dark Horse Stables is hosting for you! 

 The EAL company, "Equine Connection" works together to find success around the world helping people to be empowered and helping them to change their lives while working with the horse. 

Register Today!:

Horses have a lot to teach us, but they are also a lot like us. Herds to horses are just like teams to people. Horses require a leader that they trust and respect, just like we would love to have in the workplace. These parallels give us the ability to parallel everything that happens to real life so that what you learn really sticks! Quite simply, the horse does the teaching; facilitators are there to offer explanation and provide guidance as they work through the solution. Working with horses creates memories that we can apply to our lives and retain far longer than sitting in ‘just another classroom' or team building business retreats.

​Becoming a Certified EAL Facilitator is about inspiring and helping other human beings develop life skills! Skills are the most sought after commodity in every industry. We study the horse and how they communicate with human beings. We value the well being of the horse and know that a horse can only think like a horse, and that is what makes them the ultimate teacher!

This course gives you everything you need to begin your own successful equine assisted learning business! The training never ends with your one time investment. The business package you receive with your course is a hands down a value of $20,000 given to you. 
Whether you are an entrepreneur, or have never started your own business, learn from the industry leaders how to not only become Certified in EAL, but how to market and build your business in this very specialized ‘Equine’ field.

What makes this Equine Assisted Learning course so different? We work with the originator and designer of the BuildingBlock™ curriculum! The creation came from research based on how human beings learn and how wild horses communicate, and then she brought these two research pieces together to create all of these objectively driven programs. Each program has an objective that is interlaced in the next program so that your participants keep learning and building stronger skills each week, hence, a BuildingBlock™ EAL Course with a Certification that is proven to work.

The sky is the limit where you can use your Certification in the world today.