Welcome to Dark Horse Stables 


Respect ~ Relationship building ~Safety

 Confidence ~ Communication 

 it's time to reach your goals with horsemanship and have fun doing it!  

The Team at Dark Horse Stables will bring out the best in you & your equine partner, all with positive mojo, safety & respecting the true spirit of the horse! 

A great horseman once told us: "What you tolerate, you'll never change!"

It's amazing what can be achieved, if you spend the time fixing a core problem, 

rather than just dealing with certain issues, "just because ~"

In the long run, you actually save yourself valuable time, unnecessary worry, 

& this starts the beginning to a stronger relationship,

 with you & your horse! ​

What we're about:
We believe that a solid foundation with your horse on the ground is directly linked to your ride in the saddle. We teach you to "think" like a horse and not a predator in order to connect, effectively to improve communication and overall relationship on the ground and in the saddle.

What we focus on:

Equine basics of handling, self trailer loading, respect, trust, safety, confidence building & problem solving in all types of environments. We've trained all types of riders and there mounts within all types of disciplines.

"Problem horses" aren't a problem if you're ready to take the time to change

and we're here to help with your needs! 

What we offer:

  • Fun equine/rider clinics & demonstrations

  • Seasonal Board

  • Training Board 

Please refer to the boarding page to read about our amenities & individualized horse care catered just for you & your horse.

Dark Horse Stables
"Where East Meets West" 
3322 Hanover Circle 
Loxahatchee, FL 33470​
303.882.8776 or 215.990.3982